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Take A Break – Fall Back In Love

It’s okay to take a break from your craft. This is my quilting story. I was one of those people who looked at quilts in disdain. Yes, some folks don’t like quilts. Hard to believe! And I was one of them. So you might be wondering how I ended up owning The Quilted Bungalow. MyContinue reading “Take A Break – Fall Back In Love”

Will Goals Make You Less Creative

Will making goals for your project make you less creative? This is my take on that because the last thing I want is a rule that thwarts my creativity. Rules like, orange doesn’t belong in a quilt, are rules that need to be banished! I have this scrap quilt (the jar quilt) I’m working on.Continue reading “Will Goals Make You Less Creative”

All Good Gifts Come From God

I am in complete bliss when I’m fully engaged in laying the piano, writing or working on my latest quilt project. It’s where I find joy, happiness, and contentment. It’s how God made me.   But sometimes while I’m in that place of contentment, I hear this voice. It’s telling me I shouldn’t find joy inContinue reading “All Good Gifts Come From God”

Let Go Of the Rules

Let go of the rules and have some fun creating a funky table runner. Even if you aren’t into contemporary and modern quilts, I hope you’ll give this a try. After all, there’s a season for everything. A season for making those perfectly ordered quilts and a season to create something wild and crazy. It’sContinue reading “Let Go Of the Rules”

Flying Geese a story and a Quilt Block

Geese are amazing, aren’t they? Graceful in air and water. Have you ever seen one land on water? Close up? We were on a walk one morning and happened to be in the perfect place at the perfect time. When the geese came in for a landing. I’ve never witnessed such a spectacular sight inContinue reading “Flying Geese a story and a Quilt Block”