It’s an Epiphany!!!

What is an epiphany really? Is it happenstance? A simple manifestation of working things out in your head for days and it suddenly becomes clear or comes together? Or is it, God working in your life. Letting you learn and grow. And bringing all things together for good? At the perfect time? Seeing Things ClearlyContinue reading “It’s an Epiphany!!!”

The Lemoyne Star Orphan Block

This Orphan Block Series was a sudden God-inspired idea Wednesday Morning. The only thing I knew was the first block I would play with. The Lemoyne Star. So, this block was created to test the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Tool by Deb Tucker. (*affiliate link.) That was its sole purpose. Although I loved the blockContinue reading “The Lemoyne Star Orphan Block”

Quilting Tools and Fabric – It all Works Together

You don’t NEED all the fancy quilting tools and gadgets to quilt. Heck! Some fabric, a scissor, needle, and thread will get a quilt top done. But man, that’s going to take – forever!   I can’t imagine hand-piecing a quilt because I’ve never tried it. (It is on my bucket list of things I’d likeContinue reading “Quilting Tools and Fabric – It all Works Together”

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