Mastering The Art

Piano music swirls in my head, scales, and chords. Chopin is calling to me. I’m not sure when it happened, the desire to play classical music. I didn’t resume piano lessons in my late 30s to play classical music. It was to play rock ‘n roll and ragtime. Classical? Who wants to listen to that,Continue reading “Mastering The Art”

When The Plans Fail Miserably

I had a plan. It sounded great in theory and worked out mathematically. But it failed miserably. This was the plan… I planned to sew 36 seams a day, five days a week. And at the onset of this crazy-sounding plan, it was working great. That was until it wasn’t. My plan didn’t consider theContinue reading “When The Plans Fail Miserably”

It’s an Epiphany!!!

What is an epiphany really? Is it happenstance? A simple manifestation of working things out in your head for days and it suddenly becomes clear or comes together? Or is it, God working in your life. Letting you learn and grow. And bringing all things together for good? At the perfect time? Seeing Things ClearlyContinue reading “It’s an Epiphany!!!”

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