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Take A Break – Fall Back In Love

It’s okay to take a break from your craft.

This is my quilting story.

I was one of those people who looked at quilts in disdain. Yes, some folks don’t like quilts. Hard to believe! And I was one of them.

So you might be wondering how I ended up owning The Quilted Bungalow.

My quilting adventure began with a quilt book. I went from the person who disliked quilts – to being inspired by them.

And I started quilting. One quilt led to another. And another. And then?

I stopped.

There was a quilt I started that was meant to hang over our bed. Instead, it sat unfinished under the bed for years.

quilting project

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But the quilt magazines kept coming.

Even though I wasn’t actively quilting – I was being
fed inspiration.

And with that constant stream of ideas and color, it was only a matter of time before the quilting bug infected me again. This is one bug that I happily embrace!

And so it began again. Quilts became a passion – a beautiful creative outlet. Stronger than ever.

God’s Perfect Timing.

So, here I am with this creative outlet, in between jobs. I discover Etsy. That’s how my shop was born.

Well, that just about killed it. The love of quilting became a job. A race to have more done, more quilts, more things, more work.

Take A Break

I walked away from my shop twice. Only to be called back and open it again.

Each time I walked away from quilting, shop included, and let it go for a little while. It came back with more passion and love for the craft.

Sometimes on our journey, we might need rest from what we do. The step back can show us how much we love what God created us to do.

And that quilt that sat under the bed? It took about 8 years to complete. And still needs a home in my house.

This quilt is hand appliqued and hand-quilted.

Today, if you need to take a break.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



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Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

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