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Following the Guide

Years ago, I bought a Magic Wand. It’s a quilters tool. You can line up the center of it along the diagonal of your square and draw a line on each side for sewing. I love this tool to make my half and quarter-square triangle blocks. But, when I shared it in a Quilters group,Continue reading “Following the Guide”

Seeds Of Love, A Quilter’s Devotional Series

What is so grand about a quilt? It’s just a bunch of scraps thrown together to make a blanket, right? Oh – but quilts are so much more! It is bits and pieces of fabric, lovingly chosen and stitched together to create a work of art. Big or small, they warm the heart and soul.Continue reading “Seeds Of Love, A Quilter’s Devotional Series”

The Christmas Tree

I love decorating the house for Christmas. The Greens, the lights, quilted stockings hung by the chimney with care…and of course, the Christmas tree! We went out last week to find our tree. After trudging through the field, we decided on a cute tree – not too big – not too small. But when asContinue reading “The Christmas Tree”

Is it time to Downsize?

Downsize…Live Simple… It all sounds so zen – the thing to do when you “get older”.    But what about your dreams? Should you downsize those too?   One of my (many) dreams is to have a Longarm quilting machine. The prices? Even on the low end, are pricey. Sometimes I start downsizing my dream. IContinue reading “Is it time to Downsize?”