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All Good Gifts Come From God

I am in complete bliss when I’m fully engaged in laying the piano, writing or working on my latest quilt project. It’s where I find joy, happiness, and contentment. It’s how God made me.   But sometimes while I’m in that place of contentment, I hear this voice. It’s telling me I shouldn’t find joy inContinue reading “All Good Gifts Come From God”

Enjoying The Process

What I discovered working on this quilt was getting it done, wasn’t as important as enjoying the process. (see the video at the end of the post for the making of this quilt) I started this cozy, cheerful quilt during the scrappy quilting adventure series in 2020. I had big plans for the pattern andContinue reading “Enjoying The Process”

Flumadiddle, A Little Nonsense to Brighten Your Day!

It made me laugh, it was such flumadiddle! I was going through a folder of notes that I had torn from old journals. (For whatever reason, they looked important enough to me at the time to save.) One scrap of paper said. Flumadiddle. Curious I had to look it up. Flumadiddle (noun): Utter Nonsense. IContinue reading “Flumadiddle, A Little Nonsense to Brighten Your Day!”

Wardrobe Malfunction? No One Will Notice

Don’t Worry. They Won ‘t Even Notice. Good advice but not so easy. And when you have a wardrobe malfunction at a party??? It’s hard not to think everyone is looking at you. There I was. Walking across the lawn and down a hill in my favorite, to die for high heels. When I steppedContinue reading “Wardrobe Malfunction? No One Will Notice”