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Will Goals Make You Less Creative

goals are creative

Will making goals for your project make you less creative? This is my take on that because the last thing I want is a rule that thwarts my creativity.

Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run;
    hurry and scurry puts you further behind. Proverbs 21:5 MSG

Rules like, orange doesn’t belong in a quilt, are rules that need to be banished!

I have this scrap quilt (the jar quilt) I’m working on. My goal is to have the top done by June 30, 2022

The project lost its momentum and was in jeopardy of becoming a UFO. Personally, I’d rather not have a bunch of guilt-ridden UFOs in my basement.  

I began my 36/5 plan, which takes about 30 – 40 minutes. And after work, that is a time amount I feel like I can spare.

quilting project

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But it happened.  

The same day I set my plan in motion, I read an article that made me question it. 

Am I squelching my creativity?

How can one be creative while structuring their time?  After all, I was squeezing a quilt project between after-work and dinner prep. Not only that, I was taking this sacred act of creativity and giving it a time limit. 

The thing is, we all work differently. To be honest with you, if we were discussing piano practice, I’m thrilled when I can squeak in 30 minutes on a busy day! It would never occur to me that I was squelching my creativity.  

We don’t all have hours and hours in the day to work on creative pursuits. I’m lucky enough that one of my jobs is making quilts! Working on a quilt for myself is something I need to fit in after my other priorities.  

The only thing squelching creativity are rules and rushing. Don’t let rules get in the way, and if you start feeling rushed take a break.

Goal setting, no matter how you do it, is your creative plan for getting a quilt done.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

3 thoughts on “Will Goals Make You Less Creative

  1. I recently read a book that encouraged you to schedule 15 minutes each day just for creative play. I thought I’d try it. Do you have those days when you’re just not “in the mood” to quilt or procrastinating because you’re stuck on a project? I found that just going in my quilt studio, setting a timer for 15 minutes, and doing something—whether it was trying a new technique, sitting down to sew just one more block, or experimenting with fabric choices, that the 15 minutes actually sparked my creativity and turned into an hour of fun. It’s true what they say, our emotions follow our actions. Thanks for the article.


    1. Totally have those days! in fact, my next blog post talks a little about that. I agree just sitting down to work on a project, whether it’s quilting, playing piano, or writing- once there, time flies!


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