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Fear Not – My little One

It was Monday, the 6th day of our journey with our new pup, Penny. And I sat at my desk with tears streaming down my face. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be… I was questioning whether or not our new fur baby was the right for us. I was even pondering the unthinkableContinue reading “Fear Not – My little One”

Sometimes, A little help is all you need.

Bring all your cares to Jesus… Easy to say – hard to do. Jesus tells us… I’ll help… I’ll carry the load. But we try to do it our way. By ourselves. And in my humble opinion, I think doing it our way is drummed into our heads. For example, carry your own weight! (I’mContinue reading “Sometimes, A little help is all you need.”

It’s Not the Same

Just because something looks the same – doesn’t make it so.   Today I’m sharing my latest quilt design – pictured below. (I’ve talked about it in recent blog posts but, this is the first “reveal”. (And that scripture? It’ll make sense by the end of the post… promise 🙂 ) The quilt is made withContinue reading “It’s Not the Same”

The Monkey Wrench

My plans have not gone as planned for over a month. The weather, a cold, and internet issues have all played a part in plans having a monkey wrench thrown in them. For years, too many to count, I’ve been a planner. Planning meals, workout routines, setting goals for projects…That’s how you get stuff done,Continue reading “The Monkey Wrench”