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Mastering The Art

Piano music swirls in my head, scales, and chords. Chopin is calling to me. I’m not sure when it happened, the desire to play classical music. I didn’t resume piano lessons in my late 30s to play classical music. It was to play rock ‘n roll and ragtime. Classical? Who wants to listen to that,Continue reading “Mastering The Art”

Take A Break – Fall Back In Love

It’s okay to take a break from your craft. This is my quilting story. I was one of those people who looked at quilts in disdain. Yes, some folks don’t like quilts. Hard to believe! And I was one of them. So you might be wondering how I ended up owning The Quilted Bungalow. MyContinue reading “Take A Break – Fall Back In Love”

Choosing Colors for a Quilt

You can be going through your life thinking a singer is the best ever until someone points out that they end their songs the same. (Yes, that happened to me, and no, I won’t tell you who the artist is.) That one comment changed my thinking. Instead of enjoying the songs, I found myself hearingContinue reading “Choosing Colors for a Quilt”

A Gallery of 2021 UFO Quilt Projects

I procrastinated about doing this Gallery of 2021 UFO Post for several days. Not because I didn’t want to. To be honest, I was being lazy. I didn’t want to dig through all the pictures. Besides, I didn’t get why God would care if I did this post. But, this morning, the task came toContinue reading “A Gallery of 2021 UFO Quilt Projects”

The Jar Of Scraps

There were a lot of reasons why I closed Del~Lillian’s back in 2018. One was faulty thinking. I thought I didn’t have the resources to create pieces for the shop.I felt I had nothing except scraps. So I closed up shop. But a funny thing happened after that. I started hearing and reading the scriptureContinue reading “The Jar Of Scraps”