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Is it time to Downsize?

Downsize…Live Simple… It all sounds so zen – the thing to do when you “get older”.    But what about your dreams? Should you downsize those too?   One of my (many) dreams is to have a Longarm quilting machine. The prices? Even on the low end, are pricey. Sometimes I start downsizing my dream. IContinue reading “Is it time to Downsize?”

Embrace Your Dream and Run with it

My mentor asked me this question. What is a goal or dream you have, if it were to happen, that would make this the best year ever? The first thing I said? Publishing a book. Writing, I love to write. I went about my morning routine, not dwelling on my best year-ever dream. That isContinue reading “Embrace Your Dream and Run with it”

Will Goals Make You Less Creative

Will making goals for your project make you less creative? This is my take on that because the last thing I want is a rule that thwarts my creativity. Rules like, orange doesn’t belong in a quilt, are rules that need to be banished! I have this scrap quilt (the jar quilt) I’m working on.Continue reading “Will Goals Make You Less Creative”