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Got Decisions? Bring them to God.

The four patch. A basic quilt block with two color choices. Simple and easy. Don’t you wish life was like that? Having two choices – two paths to walk down, which way should I go? This brings me to a job offer I had. When you have tough choices to make, what do you do?Continue reading “Got Decisions? Bring them to God.”

Getting Past Doubts by Trusting God

Depending on your view, rails or fences can be there to protect you. Or be an obstacle that can prevent us from moving forward. This Seeds of Love Quilters Devotional was a project that had lots of “rails and fences”. In my mind, there was a big old sign on that fence that said. NoContinue reading “Getting Past Doubts by Trusting God”

Choosing Colors for a Quilt

You can be going through your life thinking a singer is the best ever until someone points out that they end their songs the same. (Yes, that happened to me, and no, I won’t tell you who the artist is.) That one comment changed my thinking. Instead of enjoying the songs, I found myself hearingContinue reading “Choosing Colors for a Quilt”

The Quilted Bungalow – A Story of Faith

Sometimes life takes a turn about, which puts you right back to where you started. It looks like you’ve just wandered around in one gigantic circle. And you’re left thinking you haven’t moved ahead. That’s one reason why, when the idea of reopening my Etsy Shop went against my grain. I kept thinking I can’tContinue reading “The Quilted Bungalow – A Story of Faith”