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Write it down to learn it.

The Bloc Loc Ruler and learning bible verses… You might be wondering. What do a Bloc Loc Ruler and learning Bible verses have in common. Well, at first glance, absolutely nothing! But… please read on. It all comes together 🙂 I bought my Bloc Loc Ruler *affiliate link years ago to make Half Rectangle Triangles.Continue reading “Write it down to learn it.”

Quilting Tools and Fabric – It all Works Together

You don’t NEED all the fancy quilting tools and gadgets to quilt. Heck! Some fabric, a scissor, needle, and thread will get a quilt top done. But man, that’s going to take – forever!   I can’t imagine hand-piecing a quilt because I’ve never tried it. (It is on my bucket list of things I’d likeContinue reading “Quilting Tools and Fabric – It all Works Together”