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Choose, Step, Trust

On my way home, there are two roads I can take. It doesn’t matter which way I go – I’ll get where I want to be. The only thing different is the scenery. In my humble opinion, it sums up life. We struggle with life choices, sometimes to the point it stops us in ourContinue reading “Choose, Step, Trust”

Our Shield Of Armor

This block was meant to be much later in the series. But my first draft? It ended up in the um – circular file. (aka trash bin.) I ended up with a block and no story until I was inspired by a devotional I read.Don’t you love that when it happens? I sure do! JoinContinue reading “Our Shield Of Armor”

How Patient Are you?

Do you wonder if your patient enough to work on a quilt? To do hand sewing or hand applique? Do you hesitate to start because you don’t believe you’ll have the patience and endurance to keep at it? Believe me, I ain’t that patient, but somehow I have managed to get a lot of quiltsContinue reading “How Patient Are you?”