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In God’s Time

The hourglass block represents an hourglass, keeping time for us. One grain of sand at a time.    Although an hourglass may not have perfect timing, God always does. Always. It’s what some people might call coincidence. Serendipity. A fluke.   But I don’t believe in coincidence. My faith tells me it’s God at work. Let meContinue reading “In God’s Time”

God Mends Your Broken Dreams

What do you do with something that’s broken? Mend it – fix it or toss it? (I’d probably toss it!)But God? God creates from it. He will take a broken dream and discouragement – and create something new from it. For instance, I had a best-selling pattern, with nary a complaint. People were lovin’ it.Continue reading “God Mends Your Broken Dreams”

Spread a little love by encouraging one another

Everyone needs encouragement at one time or another.Whether it is to continue on a path, try something new, or stretch yourself. The suffix EN means to cause. I see it this way – when we en-courage others, or they en-courage us, we are causing courage. Courage to move forward, to try something new, maybe evenContinue reading “Spread a little love by encouraging one another”

It was Intant Overwhelm

The pattern arrives – and you glance at the material list. And – it’s instant overwhelm.Ever been there??? While working on the Seeds Of Love Quilt Series, I felt a strong nudge to make the quilt again. I groaned because I’d made this quilt three times already! But I felt God saying – again. MakeContinue reading “It was Intant Overwhelm”