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Listening To God

I find it interesting. I’ve baked for years, but never worry about failing, even though I’ve had a few faux pas. I’ve created loaves of bread so heavy they’d make good weapons and please don’t mention my last batch of biscuits! Yet I have confidence in my baking. I’m the same with quilting. Trust me,Continue reading “Listening To God”

I Delight In You – Zephaniah 3:17

One of my favorite scriptures is Zephaniah 3:17. I’m not sure when these words spoke to me – but once they did? It opened my eyes to ALL the ways God shows us His love, takes delight in us, and sings over us. I see this verse coming alive in flowers blooming, the whisper ofContinue reading “I Delight In You – Zephaniah 3:17”

I Was Afraid. Were You?

When Covid came to our doorstep, I was afraid. I remember standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes with my hands trembling. Covid struck terror in my heart. For a long time, I was afraid and ashamed to admit I had those fears. Have you ever felt like you couldn’t share your fears because othersContinue reading “I Was Afraid. Were You?”

Amethyst Castles

The plan was for the next block of my scrappy quilting adventure series to b posted this week. That’s the problem with projects and plans. They have a way of getting, how shall I say this, halted for a second or two. I was working diligently on the next block. (keeping it a secret). HappilyContinue reading “Amethyst Castles”