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The Lemoyne Star Orphan Block

This Orphan Block Series was a sudden God-inspired idea Wednesday Morning. The only thing I knew was the first block I would play with. The Lemoyne Star. So, this block was created to test the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Tool by Deb Tucker. (*affiliate link.) That was its sole purpose. Although I loved the blockContinue reading “The Lemoyne Star Orphan Block”

Answers To Life Questions

I listen to all these helpful hints on finding your purpose in life. AKA, strengths, passion, obsessions, etc… One of the clues to determine your life passion/purpose is answering this question, what do other people ask for your help or advice on? Well, what if no one asks? Ever? So I’m thinkin’ on that andContinue reading “Answers To Life Questions”