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Are You Working Against Yourself?

You start working against yourself if your thinking pattern starts with I hate this or that… Let me show you what I’m talking about. When I opened my shop in 2012, it was merely a diversion of sorts, something to do for fun.     It wasn’t open for very long when I started dreaming ofContinue reading “Are You Working Against Yourself?”

God’s Gift Of Joy and The Sawtooth block

I looked out the window and saw the gift of joy! Let me explain. You know, perhaps, that pink has become a sign of comfort and love from God to me. It all started with beautiful sunrises and sunsets early in the year. I began looking for it every day – and still do –Continue reading “God’s Gift Of Joy and The Sawtooth block”

Dizzy With Laughter

Do you remember when you were a kid, spinning around in circles until you were so dizzy you fell down? And giggled and laughed when you tried to walk. Throwing all your cares aside (if indeed you had any) giving into the joy of life at the moment. That’s how I’d like to live everyContinue reading “Dizzy With Laughter”