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In God’s Time

The hourglass block represents an hourglass, keeping time for us. One grain of sand at a time.    Although an hourglass may not have perfect timing, God always does. Always. It’s what some people might call coincidence. Serendipity. A fluke.   But I don’t believe in coincidence. My faith tells me it’s God at work. Let meContinue reading “In God’s Time”

Got Decisions? Bring them to God.

The four patch. A basic quilt block with two color choices. Simple and easy. Don’t you wish life was like that? Having two choices – two paths to walk down, which way should I go? This brings me to a job offer I had. When you have tough choices to make, what do you do?Continue reading “Got Decisions? Bring them to God.”

Sometimes, A little help is all you need.

Bring all your cares to Jesus… Easy to say – hard to do. Jesus tells us… I’ll help… I’ll carry the load. But we try to do it our way. By ourselves. And in my humble opinion, I think doing it our way is drummed into our heads. For example, carry your own weight! (I’mContinue reading “Sometimes, A little help is all you need.”

It’s Not the Same

Just because something looks the same – doesn’t make it so.   Today I’m sharing my latest quilt design – pictured below. (I’ve talked about it in recent blog posts but, this is the first “reveal”. (And that scripture? It’ll make sense by the end of the post… promise 🙂 ) The quilt is made withContinue reading “It’s Not the Same”

Choose, Step, Trust

On my way home, there are two roads I can take. It doesn’t matter which way I go – I’ll get where I want to be. The only thing different is the scenery. In my humble opinion, it sums up life. We struggle with life choices, sometimes to the point it stops us in ourContinue reading “Choose, Step, Trust”