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Following the Guide

Years ago, I bought a Magic Wand. It’s a quilters tool. You can line up the center of it along the diagonal of your square and draw a line on each side for sewing. I love this tool to make my half and quarter-square triangle blocks. But, when I shared it in a Quilters group,Continue reading “Following the Guide”

The Old Journals, Read ’em, Toss ’em, Enjoy ’em.

I’ve mentioned that I journal, a Lot. On average, I go through one notebook a month. If I didn’t go through them from time to time and toss them out, my children would be cursing me when I’m no longer here on earth! We don’t want that. Going through old journals can be bittersweet. But,Continue reading “The Old Journals, Read ’em, Toss ’em, Enjoy ’em.”