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Are You Too Old to Start That?

Am I too old to start over? Again? The question was running crazy around my head after it was implied I’d be in my 80s before this new endeavor would make a difference. Sometimes encouragement from books, podcasts, and gurus can have quite the opposite effect. In fact, they can be a bit disheartening! ShouldContinue reading “Are You Too Old to Start That?”

A Prayer For Purpose, Passion, and Courage

I’ve been praying a simple prayer for a few weeks now. Maybe you could use it too. It’s a prayer for God to shine a light so bright on my purpose that I can’t deny it. That it becomes my passion. A prayer for the courage to let go of other stuff that gets inContinue reading “A Prayer For Purpose, Passion, and Courage”

The Old Journals, Read ’em, Toss ’em, Enjoy ’em.

I’ve mentioned that I journal, a Lot. On average, I go through one notebook a month. If I didn’t go through them from time to time and toss them out, my children would be cursing me when I’m no longer here on earth! We don’t want that. Going through old journals can be bittersweet. But,Continue reading “The Old Journals, Read ’em, Toss ’em, Enjoy ’em.”