Embrace Your Dream and Run with it

My mentor asked me this question. What is a goal or dream you have, if it were to happen, that would make this the best year ever? The first thing I said? Publishing a book. Writing, I love to write. I went about my morning routine, not dwelling on my best year-ever dream. That isContinue reading “Embrace Your Dream and Run with it”

Getting Past Information Overload

It’s easy to get caught up in learning.You know, read the books, take more classes, and google it. Learning is at our fingertips. But I felt paralyzed by it and lost the courage to move forward. Ever been there? (By the way, learning paralysis or analysis paralysis is a real thing. It comes down toContinue reading “Getting Past Information Overload”

God, Feta Cheese, and a Mouse.

My husband walked in the door and exclaimed. “You found your mouse!” I replied, “yeah, I bought Feta Cheese”.He looked at me quizzically and asked, “What’s feta cheese got to do with it?” Good Question! What does Feta Cheese got to do with it? I know mice love cheese, but this wasn’t that kind ofContinue reading “God, Feta Cheese, and a Mouse.”

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