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Flying Geese a story and a Quilt Block

Geese are amazing, aren’t they? Graceful in air and water. Have you ever seen one land on water? Close up? We were on a walk one morning and happened to be in the perfect place at the perfect time. When the geese came in for a landing. I’ve never witnessed such a spectacular sight inContinue reading “Flying Geese a story and a Quilt Block”

Pink Sky Moments From God

I have grown to look for and love a pink sky. And lately, I see them ALL the time! Not just in the morning in the gorgeous sunrises. Or in the evening during God’s nighttime splendor. The murky grey clouds. In the puffy white ones too. You’re probably thinking I’m just seeing things or justContinue reading “Pink Sky Moments From God”

Do You Feel Like Second Choice?

Have you ever found yourself believing that you’re always the second choice? I went down that rabbit hole a few days ago. It all started with the memory of my cheerleading days. The only reason that this lady can claim ‘fame’ to being a cheerleader was by default. Not my gymnastic ability to do flipsContinue reading “Do You Feel Like Second Choice?”