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Embrace The Challenge

The November UFO (Un-Finished-Object) began as two funky Quilted Placemats. By the way, It ended up a challenge that I needed to embrace but first.. Here’s the back story on my funky style.    I started creating the funky placemats over 10 years ago, as a personal challenge to use up ALL my scrap fabrics.Continue reading “Embrace The Challenge”

Are You Pretending To Be Brave? I Was.

In the wee hours of the morning, the facade of bravery came tumbling down. I thought I had control of all things Del. But, I had only created an illusion to protect myself from my own feelings. And, what pricked my heart was trivial. Weeping over everything, yet nothing, I wondered how I got here.Continue reading “Are You Pretending To Be Brave? I Was.”

How God Lifted My Discouragement

It took my breath away and lifted me from discouragement. It was a far cry from how I was feeling earlier in the day. Where did the discouragement come from? Maybe the rainy weather brought on my discouragement. Maybe it was the chore of housecleaning. Where ever it came from doesn’t matter. What matters isContinue reading “How God Lifted My Discouragement”

I Was Afraid. Were You?

When Covid came to our doorstep, I was afraid. I remember standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes with my hands trembling. Covid struck terror in my heart. For a long time, I was afraid and ashamed to admit I had those fears. Have you ever felt like you couldn’t share your fears because othersContinue reading “I Was Afraid. Were You?”