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Write it down to learn it.

The Bloc Loc Ruler and learning bible verses… You might be wondering. What do a Bloc Loc Ruler and learning Bible verses have in common. Well, at first glance, absolutely nothing! But… please read on. It all comes together 🙂 I bought my Bloc Loc Ruler *affiliate link years ago to make Half Rectangle Triangles.Continue reading “Write it down to learn it.”

Inspiration Happens

Maybe you’ve had this experience. You’ve finally put the finishing touches on a project! And even met your deadline! Elated, you thank God for the last-minute inspiration. But a couple of minutes later? You’re already thinking ahead, planning, and worrying about next week’s deadline. That was me a couple of weeks ago. I sat inContinue reading “Inspiration Happens”

Embrace Your Dream and Run with it

My mentor asked me this question. What is a goal or dream you have, if it were to happen, that would make this the best year ever? The first thing I said? Publishing a book. Writing, I love to write. I went about my morning routine, not dwelling on my best year-ever dream. That isContinue reading “Embrace Your Dream and Run with it”

Everything We Do Matters

I’ll let you in on a secret: everything we do, matters.  The special thing God called you to do and even the everyday things. It all matters, because that thing? That might be The Thing that lifts up someone else.   It isn’t a new idea. But it’s been rattling around in my head since theContinue reading “Everything We Do Matters”

Answers To Life Questions

I listen to all these helpful hints on finding your purpose in life. AKA, strengths, passion, obsessions, etc… One of the clues to determine your life passion/purpose is answering this question, what do other people ask for your help or advice on? Well, what if no one asks? Ever? So I’m thinkin’ on that andContinue reading “Answers To Life Questions”