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The Fruit Of The Spirit – A Quilters Journey

I’ve read the Fruit of The Spirit Scripture a zillion times over the years. But I looked at as a list of how to act. Loving, kind, gentle, joyful, patient, etc. You know, perfect. And of course, none of us are perfect! It took reading it over and over again before it sunk deep intoContinue reading “The Fruit Of The Spirit – A Quilters Journey”

It’s About Charity and Giving Back

When I opened The Quilted Bungalow, formerly Del~Lillian’s, I decided that some of the money (10%) would go to charity. I read undaunted by Christine Caine last Spring. That’s also about the time my passion for quilting was beginning to bubble up, especially when I made the bed in the morning. You’re probably wondering whatContinue reading “It’s About Charity and Giving Back”

Diamond In A Square

A Diamond is beautiful. I bet we can agree on that! And you probably already know that they don’t become those gorgeous gemstones overnight. It takes a gazillion years, lots of heat, and lots of pressure. And even when they’re mined – it takes fine craftsmen to create those diamonds in that piece of jewelryContinue reading “Diamond In A Square”

Let’s Start A Scrap Quilt Project Today.

When I started my new blog, I had absolutely no intention to blog about quilting or begin a scrap quilt series. My shop was closed and I was on a brand new journey. But as fate may have it, I ended up opening my shop again. And now here I am about to bring youContinue reading “Let’s Start A Scrap Quilt Project Today.”