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A Gallery of 2021 UFO Quilt Projects

I procrastinated about doing this Gallery of 2021 UFO Post for several days. Not because I didn’t want to. To be honest, I was being lazy. I didn’t want to dig through all the pictures. Besides, I didn’t get why God would care if I did this post. But, this morning, the task came toContinue reading “A Gallery of 2021 UFO Quilt Projects”

Embrace The Challenge

The November UFO (Un-Finished-Object) began as two funky Quilted Placemats. By the way, It ended up a challenge that I needed to embrace but first.. Here’s the back story on my funky style.    I started creating the funky placemats over 10 years ago, as a personal challenge to use up ALL my scrap fabrics.Continue reading “Embrace The Challenge”

Is it Time to Take a Step Back?

Have you ever had a project that you felt like giving up on? This one? My June UFO? It was one of those. I had to step back and walk away for days at a time.   It was a Let God, Let Go Moment. Since I have made similar wall quilts, I thought this oneContinue reading “Is it Time to Take a Step Back?”