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God Mends Your Broken Dreams

What do you do with something that’s broken? Mend it – fix it or toss it? (I’d probably toss it!)But God? God creates from it. He will take a broken dream and discouragement – and create something new from it. For instance, I had a best-selling pattern, with nary a complaint. People were lovin’ it.Continue reading “God Mends Your Broken Dreams”

Sometimes, A little help is all you need.

Bring all your cares to Jesus… Easy to say – hard to do. Jesus tells us… I’ll help… I’ll carry the load. But we try to do it our way. By ourselves. And in my humble opinion, I think doing it our way is drummed into our heads. For example, carry your own weight! (I’mContinue reading “Sometimes, A little help is all you need.”

Write it down to learn it.

The Bloc Loc Ruler and learning bible verses… You might be wondering. What do a Bloc Loc Ruler and learning Bible verses have in common. Well, at first glance, absolutely nothing! But… please read on. It all comes together 🙂 I bought my Bloc Loc Ruler *affiliate link years ago to make Half Rectangle Triangles.Continue reading “Write it down to learn it.”

Spread a little love by encouraging one another

Everyone needs encouragement at one time or another.Whether it is to continue on a path, try something new, or stretch yourself. The suffix EN means to cause. I see it this way – when we en-courage others, or they en-courage us, we are causing courage. Courage to move forward, to try something new, maybe evenContinue reading “Spread a little love by encouraging one another”

Following the Guide

Years ago, I bought a Magic Wand. It’s a quilters tool. You can line up the center of it along the diagonal of your square and draw a line on each side for sewing. I love this tool to make my half and quarter-square triangle blocks. But, when I shared it in a Quilters group,Continue reading “Following the Guide”