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Fear Not – My little One

Fear Not My Little One - Feature Image

It was Monday, the 6th day of our journey with our new pup, Penny. And I sat at my desk with tears streaming down my face.

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be…

I was questioning whether or not our new fur baby was the right for us. I was even pondering the unthinkable – bringing her back!

I pictured long walks on the road.

Penny, on the other hand?

She prefers climbing over rocks and exploring the woods. Not my idea of fun.

We also had the unfortunate incident of a car whizzing by…fast – loud. Very, Very, frightening for a little pup! Now she’s terrified of cars and the road.

On this particular day, she was extremely obstinate. Getting her back into the house after being outside proved challenging.

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So I prayed

Lord help us be better puppy parents. I also added – help my Penny girl be more obedient.

As soon as the prayer left my lips, I sensed the Lord found it amusing!

Because you know? That is what he wants from us.

He wants us to trust and obey.

That’s all I want from Penny too. To trust that I’m not putting her in danger. To listen to me when I call her name.

I want to help her overcome her phobias so she can live her life happily. And live it to the full.

As I think about these things, I can’t help but pause.

It’s what God wants for us.

To live our life to the full. Abundantly. And free of fears that hold us back.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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2 thoughts on “Fear Not – My little One

  1. Beautiful post Del. Our remaining dachshund is going to be 10 in November. I often think about how it will be to have the next pup. He will sleep with me until 10:00 in the morning if I want him to. He goes to the door when he wants to be let out. He barks when he wants to be let back in. He comes to tell us when it is time for his walk to go check the mail or when it is dinner time. Your post reminds me that we didn’t train him, he trained us. My best friend since 10th grade got a new puppy around Christmas and is going through growing pains with her. Your post is a reminder that God is still allowing us to make mistakes and training us up in His image.


    1. It’s tough going from a dog that you know and you’ve grown with over the years – to a puppy that isn’t quite sure what you want or how to behave around you. Penny has done well and like all dogs do – has taught me a thing or two 🙂


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