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Write it down to learn it.

Take notes and write things down to learn them, taking notes will commit the process to memory. It will make it easier to memorize/learn scripture

The Bloc Loc Ruler and learning bible verses…

You might be wondering. What do a Bloc Loc Ruler and learning Bible verses have in common. Well, at first glance, absolutely nothing!

But… please read on. It all comes together 🙂

The problem? The last time I used it was over two years ago. It was back to the tutorials. *sigh*

seeds of love quilters journey coming soom

Registration is now open for the Seeds of Love 2023 Quilter’s Devotional Journey.

I can happily report I know how to use this gadget now. It’s easy peasy. You may be thinking the secret was watching the tutorials. But…nope, I’ve done that a zillion times. That never made it sink in.

This time I did something different.
I wrote down the tips and things that made it click. That made it sink in (Finally!)

So it is to learn scripture…

Ever wonder how people memorize anything in the Bible? It’s a big book, lots of pages. But people can spout off pieces of scripture, whole verses, or know where it is in the Bible.

And this wouldn’t be Weaving Fabric and Faith without passing along those tips for successful Half Rectangle Triangle Blocks using the Block Loc Ruler!

Block Loc Ruler Tips

  • Bloc Loc Ruler Large Set Ration 2:1
  • Cut a Rectangle from each of your fabrics
  • Making a Half Rectangle Triangle using the B-Bloc Loc ruler
  • The resulting triangles
  • Flip the peach over...
  • get ready to sew, pull the triangle with the wide side down 1/2"
  • sew the seam
  1. Cut the blocks larger, and in the same ratio as your finished block, for example, my finished blocks are 3″ X 6″ (2:1 ratio). Cut the rectangles 4″ X 8″ (2:1 ratio). Slide 2
  2. Cut fabrics, piled right sides up – Slide 3 (cutting in half along the diagonal indicated on Bloc Loc Ruler)
  3. Pull the triangle with the wide side on top, down 1/2″ to offset the two triangles. It might look wrong – but this will work! (slide 7)
  4. Press the seams so they will be AWAY from the logo that is on the ruler.
Take Notes!!!


Write it down. Take notes.
The process will be committed to memory and scripture etched on your heart.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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