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Spread a little love by encouraging one another

Everyone needs encouragement at one time or another.
Whether it is to continue on a path, try something new, or stretch yourself.

The suffix EN means to cause. I see it this way – when we en-courage others, or they en-courage us, we are causing courage.

Courage to move forward, to try something new, maybe even courage to go on a crazy scary roller coaster!

seeds of love quilters journey coming soom

Registration is now open for the Seeds of Love 2023 Quilter’s Devotional Journey.

A bit tamer than a roller coaster but scary in its own way.

It began with a passing conversation with the church organist.

After I had played a piece of music at church, she asked if I had composed it.

I probably looked at her like she was crazy! I answered quickly – “No! I couldn’t do that!”

She looked at me with her kind eyes and sweet smile and said three simple words.

“You will someday.”

That seed of encouragement changed my thinking.

Composing music was a creative avenue that I would never have gone down without encouragement from others.

Encouragement can change someone’s life.

The Pomegranate

Our quilt block today is the Pomegranate Block. The pomegranate is a symbol of love and is said to have 613 seeds…So I’m thinking wow that’s a lot of seeds

Lots of seeds of love, kind words, and encouragement to spread around.

You can approach our block in a couple of ways.

hand applique pomegranate

Machine applique or Hand applique…

I am encouraging you to hand applique, set aside any negative thoughts you might have about the process, and embrace it.

And the time hand-stitching was time I could spend with those I love (including my pup), without being chained to the sewing machine.

Some thoughts/Tips

  • My favorite thread is silk YLI in a neutral color. One spool of thread and you’re good to go.
  • I don’t trace my designs to the background. I create guides by folding the background fabric in half and on the diagonals. Next, I draw lines on the guide – in half and on the diagonals, and use these as my guide for placement.
  • You can use sewline glue pens instead of pins to hold your applique in place or pins. I have used both, but prefer the no-mess of applique pins.

Take your time making these blocks and enjoy the process.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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