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A Gift From God

I planned a short break during the holidays, and as it turned out – I needed it.

Things can happen that turn your life inside out and upside down.

For us, that “thing” was losing our sweet pup. Three days before Christmas.

I am thankful that God blessed us with this bundle of joy 11 years ago.

With that said, after 11 years of having this companion by our side – it’s hard to let go. Hard to adjust to the emptiness. To say we were attached to this girl is an understatement. She managed to wrap us around her little paws.

Darcy was love, pure and simple.

The more love we gave her – the more it multiplied and returned to us. (I think there is a lesson there.)

She brought joy into this house – tail wagging, herding us down the hall when it was time to get moving. I called her my ‘fit bit’ because she never let me sit for too long.

I think each one we are blessed with teaches us about life. Their personality is just what we need while they are with us.

Working through it

seeds of love quilters journey coming soom

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Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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Published by Adele

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7 thoughts on “A Gift From God

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. We still miss our sweet Annie and we’re grateful for her life with us. We have 2 cats & a border collie named Phoebe who are our fur babies. They are helping me now as my mom is in Hospice.


  2. Adele, I love love love love the pics of Darcy. Her personality really shines through. Love, Donna Belle


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