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Does God Really Hear Our Prayers?

Does God Hear Our Prayers???

My answer? Yes!

How can I be so sure? There was one simple word on a sign.


Proof that God does hear our prayers.

Do you want to hear this story?

I am warning you, it’s a little – bizarre. But… that’s why I’m telling it.

So here it is…

One morning I had a prayerful conversation with God. I asked to see a living, breathing, free giraffe. (Not in a zoo.)

Well, of course, I could hop on a plane and go to Africa to catch a glimpse of one. That is if I liked to travel and had the money.

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And I wanted to see a giraffe – in my “backyard”.

I reasoned God can do anything, so why not ask for a Giraffe sighting in New England?

I didn’t really expect to see a Giraffe in my backyard or on my way to work.

I was okay with that. In fact, if I saw a real-life giraffe outside my window or when I was driving down the road? I’d kinda freak out.

I went about my day, forgetting about the outrageous request. Until I saw the sign.


It was so random – kind of bizarre

It was as if God was saying to me – “I won’t let a giraffe roam free in the wilds of New England”. But I want you to know I hear you.

It removed any doubt that God heard all my prayers, from the silly to the serious. He hears yours and mine.

And God will answer your prayers – in His way and in His perfect timing.

After all – I did see a “Giraffe” on my way to work 🙂

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

4 thoughts on “Does God Really Hear Our Prayers?

  1. I believe that some of the faithful need reassurances of God’s realness and omnipotence. But being rooted in faith I have not found a need to test God’s presence in my life. I know without doubt God hears my prayers whether they are answered in the time I want them answered. There are so many examples I can point at to God is ever present and hears my thoughts and prayers. I’m glad your faith has been reaffirmed.


    1. Mary

      Thanks for sharing your testimony. It will help others that stop by.

      Like you, I have many events in my life that show me God hears all of my prayers. This giraffe story is but one, and I wanted to share a light-hearted, upbeat story this week.

      Again, thank you for your testimony of faith.



  2. Giraffes are my favorite animal. But maybe my computer isn’t showing me your entire post because I don’t understand what the sign was that you saw as you went about your day.


    1. My favorite animal too! I have a huge collection of them.
      The sign was one of those business signs – and just had the word “Giraffe” on it.
      when I saw it, I remembered the morning ‘conversation with God’ and thought how “coincidental” that someone chose that day to put Giraffe on their sign. I hope that answers your question.


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