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The Fabulous Quilter’s Bundle

Pros and Cons about buying quilt bundles

But here I am, collecting fabrics to re-create the Seeds of Love sampler quilt.

Seeds of Love Sampler quilt

So, I went to my default fabric-collecting solution.

The fabulous Quilter’s Bundle!  

That, my friends, became a full-day journey of frustration!

I’d find a bundle that would catch my eye – But the price? Yikes. Another would look perfect, but with a second look? Not so much…

Let me tell you about quilt bundles. 

 If you’re a quilter, you know they are beautifully curated lines of fabric. In fat eighths, quarters, and sometimes 1/2 yards and even yard bundles. (And let’s not forget all those cute charm packs etc…)

Beautiful as they are, they have their pros and cons.

Here are some good reasons to pick up a bundle or two:

  • They are great stash builders 
  • It’s a quick way to gather fabrics.  
  • You’re assured they’ll “get along”.
  • They’re a great way to sample fabrics

 But of course, there is a downside!

  • They can make your quilt look – how can I delicately put this? Well, the best description is blah. Too much of the same. No pop.  
  • Or? Way too busy.  
  • And the prices? As I mentioned expensive – especially if all the fabrics don’t want to come to the party!
  • Large prints (in my opinion) aren’t useful in small cuts

Bottom line?

The bundle is terrific as a tool. But not a complete solution for a quilt.  

In the past, I’ve bought a bundle or two to get the ball rolling on a quilt. But for the Seeds of Love quilt? I’ll take the extra time to curate my own collection of fabric. 

What about you? What do you love or not love about quilt bundles? Let me know in the comments below. (Comments are open for 14 days)

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

One thought on “The Fabulous Quilter’s Bundle

  1. So true Adele! While pursuing our own faithfulness to him, we tend to forget his faithfulness to us! Love Donna Belle


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