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It was Intant Overwhelm

Instant Overwhelm a time to pray

The pattern arrives – and you glance at the material list. And – it’s instant overwhelm.
Ever been there???

  • The original was made when I was an Island Batik Ambassador
  • The second is made with scrap fabrics.
  • And a miniature version, also with scrap fabrics.

But I felt God saying – again. Make it again.

(So I am making it again…) When God speaks I listen.

Well, what’s the first thing you do when you begin a new project?

You look at the material list and start shopping.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Whoa…that’s a long list! It was instant overwhelm, you know? The kind where you shove the pattern back in the envelope and put it away!

I’ve learned, I can bring even something as “silly” as my fabric overwhelm to the Lord and He will listen.

The original quilt was created with the Equinox Collection of fabrics from Island Batik. It is a vibrant mix of fall colors. I used twenty fabrics when I designed the original quilt.

Twenty!!! What was I thinking?

Well, they were available to me – so I happily created and incorporated all of them into the quilt!

I have to assume you’re like me. Something about that quilt caught your eye. And you said to yourself, I’ve gotta make that!

quilting project

Just finding us? Why not join the Scrappy Mystery Quilt Adventure today? You’ll receive your getting started guide, followed by block one on the first day. The remaining blocks and assembly directions will follow a few days apart. It’s 100% Free.

So what do you do when:

A) the line is no longer available or B) you want to create it in a Christmas theme?

If you love the colors and the way they play together, then the best approach, in my humble opinion, is to follow the material list. Take your time purchasing the fabrics, and keep them organized and labeled. (When the project goes live, I’ll be including a fabric organization chart to help you do that.)

But what if you want a theme?

I decided it would make a gorgeous Christmas quilt.

My first go-to thought was a quilt bundle! (I’ll share that experience in next week’s post.)

I spent countless hours drooling over those bundles. But, I decided on a different approach.

This approach will not include bundles. A curated fabric line. Or my fabric stash.

I’m letting God direct my steps (and fabric choices) because I know – He delights in every detail of my life. Quilts are one of those details, in my life. So why not trust God?

The first purchase was the border fabric. Shown below.

As the weeks go by you’ll get a sneak peek of future fabric picks.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

3 thoughts on “It was Intant Overwhelm

  1. Adele! I’m reading Chasing Vines too. This is Donna Belle (JuneBugQuilts) from the Quiltsy group. I could so relate to this post. I have made the Pam Kitty Morning Kitty Belles quilt three or times before in the 10 years my shop has been open. This time the customer wanted TWIN SIZED quilt. I had the necessary 4 panels of the Kitty Belles in their southern belle hats and dresses, but I forgot that the size meant I would also have to make 24 Pennsylvania blocks of about 16 pieces each. I too am strongly relying on God in my faith walk. In June, our black Baptist pastor left us suddenly after leading us for 3 years after our founding pastor left in 2019. We are adrift….I think there were 9 of us this morning. We had 120 at one time. Our youth pastor has been facilitating a study of Francis Chan’s Book of James video series, and this morning he preached on Grace and told the story of John Newton life before writing Amazing Grace. My fear is that we will close. Our church got flooded in 2016, and we spent 9 months traveling to another town to meet in their gym, then about a year and a half meeting in the old sanctuary of another new church. We bought a flooded property for $30K and tore the house down, but we ran into problems. We really experienced a miracle in October of 2020 when a pastor wanted to sell his church building. He said it was worth $250K, but we only had $120K and didn’t want to get into debt because our numbers were down to 60. Would you believe he accepted $100K and let us pay 20K monthly the same as the rent we had been paying. The final episode of this occurred last year when Dollar General Store bought the piece of property where we tore the house down for $140K. So we have money but usually around 15-20 people. I have been asked to serve on the finance committee and am praying about it. I was a budget analyst at the utility company I retired from. So I spend every morning on my prayer porch seeking God’s will.

    I love your blog and your fabrics and faith theme!


    1. Donna, thanks so much for commenting and sharing.

      Your church is going through a lot! But I’m sure God will use all of this to make you all stronger. I will keep you and your church in my prayers.


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