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Embrace Your Dream and Run with it

embrace your dream and run with it

My mentor asked me this question.

What is a goal or dream you have, if it were to happen, that would make this the best year ever?

The first thing I said? Publishing a book. Writing, I love to write.

I went about my morning routine, not dwelling on my best year-ever dream.

That is until I settled into my morning God time.

During that time, God revealed this to me.

  • When you answered that question at 5 AM, your answer was immediate.
  • You didn’t answer, have a successful Etsy shop or play piano at Carnegie hall.

By the way, both are goals and dreams of mine. (Might as well dream big right?)

But they weren’t on the tip of my tongue. Which gave me a newfound confidence in my writing path.

Of course, my brain started doubting and questioning this confidence – immediately. Am I only trying to prove I can do this thing? Maybe it’s not a God thing after all.

Well, I told my brain to shut up 🙂

It’s Time

I’ve had a writing project in the works all year. It’s had spits and spurts of encouragement followed by days of discouragement.

It’s time to get going. God lit a fire under me to get working on this project.

So, I hope you’ll keep your eyes here for the new quilter’s devotional – Seeds of Love.

And I hope that if God is putting a project on your heart, you will embrace it and run with it.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

2 thoughts on “Embrace Your Dream and Run with it

  1. I love reading my Bible and I love reading devotionals to see what God is revealing to others. I look forward tp your dev0tional.


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