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Don’t Hold On So Tight

Don't Hold On So Tight

Sometimes we hold so tight to an idea that we can’t see it any other way.   

I was so stuck on what I wanted to do with a quilt design that it sat waiting for “the perfect” fabrics to come along – someday.

You see, I bought fabrics to re-create and test a quilt pattern. (Quilt pictured below) When I started cutting the fabric, my plans fell to pieces.  

Music Quilt Wall Art

You know that quilting tip you’ve heard over and over again? Test one block before you cut all your pretty fabrics up? Yeah … it’s the step I skipped.  

As a side note, I could say it cost me the quilt. But you know, God uses our missteps for good too. 

decision making romans 8:28

I made the error of cutting all the pieces at the get-go. And cut a bunch of blocks – wrong. 

I set the project aside for that someday miraculous event when matching fabrics would show up in my favorite quilt shop.

Three Years Later.

You might be wondering why the project ended up on the design table. Well, I was ready to cannibalize it for another.  

It’s the cost of projects becoming UFOs. Let them hang around too long, and the materials mysteriously disappear. (Creepy 🙂 )

Back to the project

I didn’t have the heart to cannibalize it. I was hanging tightly to my original design.  

I spent a week working on it, including rummaging through my fabric stash for the perfect find.

No such luck!

Ready to give up on the project – I took a different approach. I recreated the design with the fabric and blocks I could create.  

The thing is, it wasn’t until I surrendered the design that I was able to see it in a new way.

In the Quilting Studio – Christmas Quilt Top

If you’re holding on too tight, let go and see God make something new happen.  

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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