There is Always Hope

There is Always Hope

All of my dreams are little seedlings of life trying to grow. The last thing the enemy wants is those to take root and flourish.

My shop isn’t selling quilts consistently- yet. A book being published? That might never happen, but I keep working on the idea. The renovation of our home? Who knows…

Those things, much to my regret, are in the beginning stages – where you keep going and hoping, but the dream isn’t realized.

Give up?

To be honest, there are days when giving up looks like a delightful idea.

I could convince myself that it was God’s plan for me to give up.

Add to that a sleepless night.

For me, that’s when the enemy prowls around – whispering doubts and fears into my mind.

Ever been there?

So, you get up – tired. Maybe a tad bit snarky. And feeling hopeless.

But with God – there is always hope.

As I moved through my morning routine, I could feel the Holy Spirit moving through me.

Building me back up.

Blessing me with fresh ideas. Fresh hope.

Not only that. The Lord gave me the courage to dream in the face of what looks like an impossible dream.

With God – All things are possible.

God blesses us daily with fresh inspiration.

Get ready today.

For new ideas, new inspiration, new blesses from the Lord

He is always doing a new thing.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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