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Charting New Territories

charting new territories

I see lots of work in my future and I hope it’s all worth it.

You see, my 3 years are up where my website was residing. I have to pull up roots and move.

The three-year price tag for hosting my site sure opened my eyes!. Yikes. I’m spending all that money? Really?

I could quit…

My life would be a lot less complicated and easier…but the problem is I love to play with websites and blogs.

So here I am, re-adjusting my thinking and loving the challenge

quilting project

Just finding us? Why not join the Scrappy Mystery Quilt Adventure today? You’ll receive your getting started guide, followed by block one on the first day. The remaining blocks and assembly directions will follow a few days apart. It’s 100% Free.

Let me tell you about today’s discovery:

I have SO many pictures it appears I’ve used up my allotted space here. I am determined to make my free plan work for the time being though. So My test is to see what happens when I upload a picture.

Here it goes . . .

Quilt Available at The Quilted Bungalow

Well….what do you know? It worked!

I am perplexed.

My head says it can’t work

I’ll miss many things I could do with my old site. But I know I’ll discover some fun and different things along the way. Not to mention I’ll be saving a lotta cash.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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