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Sew it Slow and Easy

sew it slow and easy

I started sewing the rows of my Scrap Jar Quilt together over the weekend.

After an hour and a half, I had nine rows put together. It sounds fabulous unless you know that half of the rows are sashing and only an inch wide. I thought – gosh, this will take forever! What was if thinkin? 4” blocks and a 1″ sashing? Really? (Well, the only thing to do now – Take a breath. Give it to God and move on…)

Well, I designed this quilt to make good use of small scraps.

It would be easy to give up this project. But we can’t give up, even when it’s slow going, even if it feels like lots of work and the progress isn’t visible. We have to keep working on it.

My scrap jar quilt (way behind schedule, by the way) is a rich blend of colors and not perfect by a long shot!

Are there things I’d do differently?

Yup. For one, I would take it a little slower. Yes, you read that right.

Slow and easy

Even if you get behind schedule makes more sense. My 36/5 plan, although a great jump start to getting this done – made me rush at times.

Rushing while sewing seams isn’t a wise choice!

Now I’m putting it together and reaping the rewards of my rushing. Ugh…Perfect piecing? This little gem can’t boast of perfect piecing.

Will I finish it? You bet. There’s been too much work to let a few not-so-perfect seams get in the way. I’ll take the rows a little slower, maybe pin the seams too
You will see this Scrap Jar Quilt finished. Some day 🙂

PS. I am going to hand-quilt this one. My Daughter-in-Law jokingly commented “so, it might be done in 10 years!”
Well, I hope a little sooner.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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