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Quilting Tools and Fabric – It all Works Together

Quilting Tools and FAbrics it all works together

You don’t NEED all the fancy quilting tools and gadgets to quilt.

Heck! Some fabric, a scissor, needle, and thread will get a quilt top done. But man, that’s going to take – forever!  

I can’t imagine hand-piecing a quilt because I’ve never tried it. (It is on my bucket list of things I’d like to do someday when I have time.)   – Yes, please, laugh along with me!

But that’s all besides the point. When you come down to the nitty-gritty – all the fancy tools in the world won’t matter without the fabric.  

And all the fabric in the world won’t matter without, at the least, those basics. 

quilting project

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 It all works together.  

We’re kinda like that. We’re the fabric and the tools or the hands and feet of Jesus.  

We all need encouragement and hope. And we can also be the ones to spread that hope. 

 When you show up with a smile for the cashier – it could be the thing to brighten his day.  

 It all works together just like our fabric and quilting tools.

Now, back to some quilting tools.

I have the old standbys that I can’t imagine living without.  

And none of it would be any fun without fabric!

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

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