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Choosing Colors for a Quilt

You can be going through your life thinking a singer is the best ever until someone points out that they end their songs the same. (Yes, that happened to me, and no, I won’t tell you who the artist is.)

That one comment changed my thinking.

philippians 4_8 Color Choices

Instead of enjoying the songs, I found myself hearing only the “same ending” and pointing out that newfound (but useless) knowledge to other people.

It’s like choosing colors for a quilt.

I was at a meeting where a speaker explained color theory and how to pick out colors for quilts.
As if it were an exact science or something!

The worst part of this whole experience was the quilter sitting across the table from me mumbled,

I thought I knew what I was doing! In fact, prided myself on my color choices, now? I’m not so sure…

quilting project

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Picking the perfect colors.

Is there really a perfect color combination?

What I like, you might not. And vice versa.

The problem with classes and books and all that jazz about “how to pick colors for the quilt” is they can create more doubt in your ability than confidence.

The bottom line is.

Do you like it?
Does it bring you joy?

Yes? Then create!

Why not think about the joy our color combinations bring us and not worry about the rules. Let’s have fun with our fabrics, enjoy our music, and never doubt our choices.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

2 thoughts on “Choosing Colors for a Quilt

  1. Hi Adele
    Enjoying your blog!
    Do you have any mystery quilts in 6 inch blocks? I live in a mobile home now and only have a small place to sew.
    Thank you!
    In Him
    😊 Joy


    1. Joy,
      Thanks for the question. I don’t have a mystery quilt like that…yet! But that would be a fun project. Look for one in the near future!


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