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A Joyful Quilting Life

joyful qulting life

I didn’t start quilting to open a shop. But when I did open my shop, I thought I lost my joyful quilting life.

When I opened my shop 12 years ago, I got wrapped up in how long it took to make a quilt, the stats, and how much I wasn’t making per hour. I even convinced myself I hated quilting!

My negative thinking had run amuck!

That thinking ultimately caused me to shut my shop down in 2018. But closing the shop only made me sad. I quilt because I enjoy it. But what I love more is the joy it brings to other people.

quilting project

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So, I opened my shop again! Joy!!!

Unfortunately, I was in danger of going down that road again. Focusing on stats and time. And getting very frustrated.

At the time, I was creating a small custom piece and started calculating my time. I was earning way less than minimum wage…not encouraging.

The Note

But then I received a note from my customer.
She was thrilled and grateful for the little quilt.

That quilt brought joy to me while I was creating it, to my customer, and to the person she gave it to.

That’s priceless. You can’t put a price tag on it. And that makes for a joyful quilting life

A Joyful Quilting Life

The note reminded me to focus on the love of the quilt. The joy in quilting. The other stuff? It doesn’t matter!

When we focus on the wrong stuff, the negative stuff, it can crush our creative spirits.

Today my wish for you is for your heart to stay focused on the Joy of quilting and life.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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