God Makes Things New Every Day

god makes things new everyday

Have you ever made a quilt that you don’t love when you’re done?

You don’t know what to do with it now. It’s done, and it doesn’t pop. It’s the ugly quilt.

You know, the one you hang on your design wall, hoping against hope that you will suddenly love it.

I had a quilt like that.

I decided to remake a quilt I had designed with Christmas fabrics. It sounded like a good plan!
But it fell flat. It was so ugly I didn’t even take a photo of it!

So now what? Toss it? Wait until I do like it?

Tossing all that fabric seemed wrong and my gut said I wasn’t going to ever like it…

quilting project

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Thankfully God is always good.

And with a new day, there are fresh new ideas and inspirations.

And all those things you’ve learned along the way? That’s no mistake! God will use those too.
The style I use to make my art placemats and wall art? That came in handy.

Using the modern, abstract style I’ve grown to love… that “failure” of a quilt? It became four whimsical Modern Christmas Stockings. (pictured below)

Stockings available at The Quilted Bungalow

It’s true of life too.

Every day’s a new day. Even if yesterday looked ugly and bleak. Today is fresh. It’s a new beginning, with new ideas.

God makes all things new every day. And He will infuse you with new inspiration.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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