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Answers To Life Questions

answers to life questions

I listen to all these helpful hints on finding your purpose in life. AKA, strengths, passion, obsessions, etc…

One of the clues to determine your life passion/purpose is answering this question, what do other people ask for your help or advice on?

Well, what if no one asks? Ever?

So I’m thinkin’ on that and realizing that “clue” is kinda murky.


My passion is writing. I’m also going to mention, no one has asked me for writing advice recently.

I’ve always had pen and paper in hand. Tapped at the keyboard and made fleeting attempts at this thing I love to do.

But, at the same time, I am intimidated by writing. Remember that 6th-grade teacher? She did a number on my confidence.

Now I struggle with words when it comes to public display. Especially when it comes to social media.

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I guess you could call me a closet writer.

I’m attempting to open the door and be seen, but every time I do, something changes my mind. Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Sure, I’ll write the post. But I delete most of it, leaving something like, “have a nice day”, or “this is my new quilt.”

What I want to say is so, so, much more.

The point is. If I go by this ‘clue ‘of how to determine my passion/purpose, I am buying into a lie.

Our purpose has nothing to do with whether or not we are asked us for advice.

Some people won’t ask for advice. Ever. Others think they know it all. And not least of all, you might be hanging with people who know how to do what you do.

God has the answer to our life questions

This clue of finding my purpose in life, my passion, my strength. This has always been the stickler for me.

Mulling this over brought me to this conclusion; God has the answers to our life questions.

People? They have their ideas, thoughts, and agendas.

God? He has your back, has it planned. He knows you inside and out, (Psalm 139:16)

God knows everything about you. He is the one to turn to when you need answers to life questions.

So before you toss aside what you believe to be your purpose in life. Ask God to guide you and show you what your passion/purpose is.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



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Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

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