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How God Lifted My Discouragement

It took my breath away and lifted me from discouragement. It was a far cry from how I was feeling earlier in the day.

Where did the discouragement come from?

Maybe the rainy weather brought on my discouragement. Maybe it was the chore of housecleaning. Where ever it came from doesn’t matter. What matters is what it can do to us.

It can cause a downward spiral of negative thoughts.

My prayers that morning were punctuated by grumbling, disbelief, and doubting my faith. All of this continued throughout my morning until after lunch.

It wasn’t until we were returning from our afternoon walk with the dog , we paused so she could take care of her business

At that moment, I felt the presence of the Lord.

Let me describe it this way.

When your child or someone you love is sad, your heart breaks because of it. You listen. You walk with them. And at some point, you gently and lovingly lift their chin to see you. You want them to know you are with them. That you love them. And you want them to see all that is around them.

That’s how I felt. Loved. Cherished. I instantly felt my spirits lift.

We weren’t alone on that walk. Jesus was walking right alongside, listening to me lament over the horrid rainy weather and our dream that may or may not come to fruition.

When we paused, for that moment, my eyes were lifted to a scene that took my breath away.

The scene might not give your heart pitter-patters. After all, it’s a shed with some farm tools scattered about. But it’s ours and part of our dream.

Things may not happen fast. They don’t happen overnight most often. But when God’s hand is guiding the project. It’s breathtaking when you see it in motion.

I’m not sure what you do on days that you feel discouraged. I know telling people prayer works sounds cliche. But I’m here to testify that it does.

This wasn’t a day of getting on my hands and knees, kind of praying. It was a day of prayer punctuated with doubts and complaints.

God is still listening to that prayer.

I went from a feeling of discouragement, with no motivation to do anything, to sheer bliss. Wanting to pursue my dreams and follow the calling God has placed on my heart.

I can say with confidence.

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the skies.

Psalm 36:5 (NIV)

That scene was a beautiful reminder of the loving kindness that God bestows on us.

He’ll listen. Even if your prayers are punctuated with some doubts and complaints.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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