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Choosing an Unfettered Life

Living and quilting unfettered

My favorite chair is a cozy swivel rocker in front of a window. The scene is peaceful. Unfettered.

A long winding crunchy dirt driveway bordered by lush green trees, flowers in a rainbow of colors, and wildlife scampering about.  

It’s where I meditate, journal, read my bible, and devotional. 

When I journal, words pour out of me and onto the page. 

Sometimes words I don’t usually use will end up on the page. And that leaves me wondering a couple of things.

  • Where did that come from?
  • Am I using it right? (That’s when the big old brown dictionary comes out.)

Today the word was unfettered. 

Let’s go back to meditation and journaling.  

When I sat still this morning and closed my eyes, I pictured being in a meadow with Jesus. The first word that came to me was uncluttered. But quickly after, the word unfettered followed.

Unfetter means Free. Unchained. Liberated.

What a perfect way to describe our walk with Christ! When we choose to follow Jesus, we are free! Free from the enemy that tries to keep us boxed up, jailed up, and chained up in the lies he whispers in our ears.

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Unfettered. That’s the way I want to live life. 

By the way – it’s the way I love to quilt too!

Contemporary Wall Art at The Quilted Bungalow

Free. Liberated. Unchained.

With God, we are freed from our chains (Psalm 116:16)

How are you going to live an unfettered life today?

Me? I’m going to live as that creative person I was meant to be.  

How? I’m not going to chase after the things others are doing or compare their lives to mine.   

I’m going to enjoy today. Loving the life I am living.   

Tomorrow. Hopefully, rinse and repeat.

But tomorrow will take care of itself. (Matthew 6:34)

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



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Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

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