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Picking Up The Pieces

picking up the peices featured image

Picking up the pieces of my March UFO reminded me of life.

As a season ends, a new one begins. The transition isn’t always simple, but you can’t get from here to there without the process.

ecclesiastes 3:1 picking up the pieces

With a quilt, it’s figuring out where you at, what you need to finish the project, and what were you thinking when you tucked away that bright green fabric?

There is a good chance your project will come out differently.

  • Your thinking may have changed.
  • Maybe you’ve learned new skills or honed the old ones.
  • And if you’re like me, you’ve cannibalized half the fabrics for other projects anyway!

The best thing to do is start picking up the pieces and move on. And of course, finish the quilt.

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Back to life and picking up the pieces

There isn’t any going back. Move away from your childhood home, you can go back and visit, you might even be able to move in for a while. But it’s not the same. You’ve all adjusted to something new.

Whatever normal was before Covid isn’t going to be the same normal after. Things and people have changed along the way.

So the only thing we all can do is pick up the pieces of life and move on.

Like my favorite quote says:

Everything that has a beginning has an ending, make peace with that, and all will be well.

And when this UFO is done? There is another waiting in the bin. Which is another adventure waiting to happen.

Every Ending has a new Beginning.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



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