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Finding the Balance

finding the balance

Trying to find the balance between having tons of time to finish a project and having almost none is difficult. Do you agree?

When you have all the time in the world, it allows you to procrastinate. But once you’ve gone down that road, it’s all about getting it done on time and maybe not enjoy the process as much as you would have.

finding the balANCE POST

To recap, I joined a challenge to complete my UFO quilts. I have a bin full of them and chose 12 to get done this year. Some will be easy enough – others will have me pulling my hair out, I’m sure.

The quilt for February was this sampler quilt. And although I came up with a strategy and plan, with deadlines and all. I didn’t stick to it at all. I was so behind that I thought I’d give up.

What would that have accomplished? Nothing. And I think that it would have made it much easier to give up in March, April, and so on. The end of the year would have come around with a bin full of UFOs.

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So I hunkered down, did the work, and yes, got it done. Yay for that!

sampler quilt findeing the balance

Mini sampler quilt available at The quilted Bungalow

Procrastination can work, but it’s not something to plan. You might feel too overwhelmed and cave into quitting. And more important, you may not enjoy the project as much.

So, how do you find the balance?

I can’t answer that today, but I have a new UFO coming up this month. And I’ll be working hard to find that perfect balance.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



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