With A Dash Of Hope

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With a dash of hope, I finished my Peach Cobbler block and wondered how it got its name. Was the designer making a peach cobbler at the time? Did they make all the original peach cobbler blocks with peachy colored fabrics?

I see hope, not a peach cobbler

My block doesn’t remind me of a peach cobbler.

It makes me think of dancing, dancing makes me think of joy and joy, brings forth a feeling of hope.

(All this talk about Peach Cobbler is making me hungry!)

Romans 12:12

We can all use a good dose of hope every day.


It’s what makes getting up in the morning and going about your day doable. Even in the darkest of moments in your life. Whether it’s just trying to wrap your head around COVID 19, dealing with financial issues, relationships, or your neighbor not appreciating your crowing rooster.

Living in and rejoicing in hope is how you get through the stuff swirling around in your life. Being in constant prayer helps me with the patience part since I’m not a patient kinda lady. 🙂

quilting project

Just finding us? Why not join the Scrappy Mystery Quilt Adventure today? You’ll receive your getting started guide, followed by block one on the first day. The remaining blocks and assembly directions will follow a few days apart. It’s 100% Free.

While you make this peach cobbler block, I do hope you’ll rejoice in the day, laugh a little, pray a little, and have fun.

finished peach cobbler block

But before we all go running off to make peach cobblers to eat, let’s get this block done!!


Materials Needed

  • White Print – 10” X 16”
  • Pink – 9” X 12”
  • Green, light brown, yellow – 6” square
  • Rotary Cutter, ruler, mat *affiliate link
  • Pencil

Finished size with seam allowance  =12 1/2”. Finished size in quilt = 12. Use 1/4” seams unless otherwise noted. Sew fabrics Right Sides Facing. Fabric amounts are approximate


  1. white print cut (5) 4 1/2” squares
  2. Pink  cut (12) 2 1/2” squares
  3. Green  cut  (6) 2 1/2” squares
  4. Yellow and Brown cut (2) 5” squares


Using Pink and green 2 1/2″ Squares and four of the white 4 1/2″ squares make (4) 4 1/2″ Diamond in a square units. Note: a green square is used at the lower right-hand corner of each block.

Open toed foot

Tip: I use an open toed foot, so I easily see the guide line.

Make four half square triangle units using the yellow and brown 5 ” squares.

Assemble the “Hope” block

block layout

Using the block layout above, sew the units together in rows.

Sew the rows together, matching seams.

1/4" quilting foot

When piecing I use my Quarter Inch Foot

finished peach cobbler block
Finished Block

You can get the detailed directions for this block when you join the Scrappy Quilting Adventure. It’s Free! This is #20 of the series

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey


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PS. If you happen to know how the block got its name. Please share in the comments below!

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