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Amethyst Castles

amethyst castle feature image

The plan was for the next block of my scrappy quilting adventure series to b posted this week. That’s the problem with projects and plans. They have a way of getting, how shall I say this, halted for a second or two. I was working diligently on the next block. (keeping it a secret).

Happily I was cutting my fabrics, only to realize I was a little to quick and cut my blocks the wrong size. So I’m back to scrounging around the studio for the perfect fabrics! Sit tight though, and pause for a moment (maybe catch up on some of those blocks!) And take a listen to my newest piano piece. This was written for my second Grand-daughter. A little girl that’s all about pinks and purples and loves princesses.

Amethyst Castles A Composition For Piano

Video Notes

  • This piece was recorded using the voice memo on my Ipad.
  • I totally forgot to push record on the i-phone!
  • The photos were tinted using a photo editor called Affinity Photot
  • The Artwork is by my granddaughter
quilting project

Just finding us? Why not join the Scrappy Mystery Quilt Adventure today? You’ll receive your getting started guide, followed by block one on the first day. The remaining blocks and assembly directions will follow a few days apart. It’s 100% Free.

I hope you enjoy this piece of music.

May it bring you joy and peace.

Until next time, enjoy your day and the journey



Published by Adele

Writer, Pianist, Quilter Weaving Fabric With Faith.

2 thoughts on “Amethyst Castles

  1. That is such a soothing composition … thank you so much for sharing it! The video photos are just perfect with it.


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